I’m a developer turned entrepreneur turned UX engineer, currently Product Manager at Stack Exchange (including Stack Overflow).

For most of my career, I’ve been a one-man show – mainly a developer but with enough knowledge of everything else to get the job done. But after co-founding a startup in San Francisco called Thumbtack, I was forced to see the broader picture.

With a business to run – and a very fixed date to make payroll – I’ve come to appreciate the virtues of things like marketing, search engine optimization, management, user experience, and the art of writing landing page copy.

But with my eight years of professional experience, the most valuable thing I bring to the table is not knowing what’s important: it’s knowing what’s not important. I’ve seen the web development process from almost every angle, and there’s a lot of time wasted these days in pointless meetings, unnecessary features, and overengineering. Cutting red tape is my passion.

I’m always looking for opportunities to work with smart people who are fixing real problems, so if this describes you please get in touch.